What do we do?

We don't sell art copies; we offer original pieces accompanied by a digital certificate stored permanently on the blockchain.  We also facilitate the option for you to obtain a physical print or merchandise featuring your art. However, you can only avail of this opportunity because you own the original artwork.

What does this mean? It signifies that when you purchase our art, you acquire a unique, one-of-a-kind piece—similar to obtaining a physical painting, there is only one available (or a limited quantity, depending on the artist or collection).

Why is this important? For collectors, this assurance guarantees the authenticity of their collection. Additionally, depending on the artist, the digital certificate may provide extra details such as the artwork's creation process, conceptual elaboration, exclusive discounts for future collections, and access to chats with the artists.

What technology do we use? We currently operate within the Ethereum ecosystem, utilizing digital certificates on either the Ethereum or Polygon network. Ethereum stands as the premier network for digital art certificates.

Want to learn more?  Send us an email at contact@qoriproject.io and we will gladly schedule a call.