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Barrio by Cesar Ayllon

Barrio by Cesar Ayllon

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This is a digital edition composed of 25 digital certified copies of a physical painting by artist Cesar Ayllon.  

You can either buy the digital certified painting and/or a physical print (print will also come with a digital certificate).


If you want a framed physical print, please contact us.  Shipping included for all the U.S.


About Cesar Ayllon

Cesar Ayllón is a contemporary Peruvian painter. Through his paintings, he goes beyond the obvious to discover the symbolism in the human aspect of everyday life. Ayllón's idea is to represent a dreamlike world through jester-like, solitary, contemplative, and somewhat dramatic characters.

Cesar Ayllón was born in 1959 in Peru, where he studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and in the drawing workshop of Cristina Gálvez.

Discover contemporary artworks by Cesar Ayllón, explore recent artworks, and buy online.

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