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Gods #4 by Flavio Caporali

Gods #4 by Flavio Caporali

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Gods is a collection of 43 paintings.  Each painting is a 1-of-1 digital painting that was done through an hybrid process combining physical painting with digital editing and processing.  The collection tells the story of how the Andean Gods created the geography of Peru, with each painting illustrating a moment in the process.

Aspect ratio: 7:2

Resolution:  7000 x 2091 pixels

ONLY 1 PIECE WILL BE SOLD (either digital or physical)

If you want a framed physical print, please contact us.  Shipping included for all the U.S.


About Flavio Caporali

The power of nature is the fundamental inspiration behind Flavio Caporali’s artwork. Born in São Paulo-Brazil in 1972, living in Peru since 1988 until 2022, now living in Portugal, Flavio has developed a strong passion for the nature, its different color shades, and its dynamism.

Flavio’s primary goal while creating is to forge his understanding of the marine world into beautiful canvas.

The marine atmosphere painted by Caporali was used in the construction of the Peruvian 3D animated film “The Dolphin – The Story of a Dreamer”, based on the Best Seller created by the Peruvian writer Sergio Bambarén. His paintings have been used for the elaboration of several of the main characters as well as for the creation of scenarios (backgrounds).

The outstanding characteristic among all Flavio’s artwork is his technique on managing color and transparency for the creation of canvas where nature is the major theme. Above all, however, we can certainly identify a professional painter that is conscientious about the difficulties around capturing the essence of moving water, and of light reflecting upon it.

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